How did you get your idea and concept for Yoya and how long have you had the store?

My kids were and still are the inspiration behind Yoya. My daughters, Mila and Uma, are unique, playful, and thoughtful in very different ways. Yoya may be an extension of me, but my kids make me who I am, so it’s really all about them. Yoya opened in 2002 and has been evolving and growing ever since!

What are your best Yoya gift items for this holiday season?

Right now, I’m OBSESSED with the hand painted dolls from Lucie Kaas (we have Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and more). We also just received all the new designer toy cars from Playforever, and the variety of colors look like candy on the shelves.
My favorite clothing piece for girls is the mermaid-sequined Hansine Jacket from Molo. Pair it with the Molo Cat Bag and you’re ready for a purr-fect New York day. For boys, I’m loving the Camo Palm Sweatshirt and Island Life Joggers from Munsterkids with the Tip Toey Joey Little Edge high-tops.

Having two teenage daughters, what would be your best advice to new moms today?

My two mantras have always been: Pick your battles, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

How did you manage starting/growing your business while being a mom of two?

The store is something I’m passionate about, and I’ve always wanted my daughters to see that hard work and determination pay off. Having kids and a really rewarding career is totally possible, you just need to find the right balance.

We love the Veronica coat on you! What made you choose that piece?

I’ve been looking for a cool oversized coat for a long time, and never found one that was just right until I put on the Veronica coat. I like how versatile it is – I can wear it on a super casual day or dress it up at night. And that blue color is dreamy.

What are your top three New York restaurants?

Hasaki, Kiki’s, La Mercerie

What is your favorite holiday place?

Take me somewhere warm, please! I’m a summer girl. My paradise is somewhere on a beach in Tulum or Cartagena.

Pay it forward! What other women business owner do you want to shout-out to that you love?

I want to give some love to my beautiful friend Ilse Werther. She is a learning specialist who teaches children with language-based disabilities (like dyslexia). She has a private practice in New York called Let’s Get Reading, and I’ve always admired her for taking on such a challenging but amazing cause.