What does your average day look like as Co-Founder and Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery 29?

It really depends on what time of year it is. If I'm in production for the UnStyled podcast, then I'm generally busy in the studio and preparing for upcoming interviews. If it's fashion month, then I'm generally on the road or having meetings with brands. But most consistently, I'm working with our senior editors on future content planning and long-lead story packages and with our Chief Content Officer and other executives on the framing and direction of defining decisions and projects...it's a lot of high-low, which I love.

Refinery29 is shaping the way we consume media, and you have been such an instrumental part in that. How do you handle the pressure and stress of it all?

"I try to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by issues or events that I know aren't going to have a long-term impact on our team or on the work. It's hard sometimes because the biggest challenge is navigating all the constant changes and developments in our industry, but if you want to succeed, you have to discipline yourself not to get distracted and to finish the most important things you start. Getting side-lined by unimportant stuff is an occupational hazard!

Being a new mom what has surprised you the most that nobody talks about?

Honestly, how hard it is. I thought that because I had a difficult time sustaining a healthy pregnancy for so long, that once I finally DID have the baby everything would be a dream. Not the case! I love our daughter more than anything, but the transition into motherhood was kind of shocking and disorienting for me, and I'm definitely still adjusting. It's not just getting to know this new human I'm responsible for, but also understanding the changes I'm going through with my body and emotions. I'm really grateful to some of my closest and most honest friends for being real with me and giving me the kind of support I've really needed to feel confident about this whole early period. It's rewarding....but challenging, for sure.

We love your daughter’s name Rafaela and her nickname “Raffi”. How did you come up with the name?

We named her after Arc Angel Rafael The Healer, plus I've always loved non-gender specific names, so calling her Raffi just felt natural...and luckily, it really suits her, too.

Do you think your style will change now that you are a new mom?

It already has! I'm very into practical pieces but they have to still feel to a degree a bit luxe and well-designed. I'm finding it really hard to find post-pregnancy clothes that don't just translate to leggings and workout stuff. Right now, all I want to wear are chic button-downs, which are ideal for nursing, oversized Old Céline style coats, and tailored track pants with fun sneakers from Ganni or Nike. I think one of the reasons I gravitated to your coats is because they're so beautifully constructed but also really easy to wear...which is key for this period of my life right now.

What’s your secret favorite New York spot?

It's not really that much of a secret, but I love the Morgan Library...it reminds me of another time in New York and all the books are just really comforting to me.

Where do you do your best vintage shopping?

When I'm traveling, definitely. Wherever I'm going, for work or fun, I always put in some research to find some good thrift stores or antique malls on the outskirts...they always have the best stuff like vintage T-shirts, army coats, structured hats, or turquoise jewelry....hunting for vintage is honestly my favorite hobby.