Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Founder of and Bonberi Bodega, a plant-based convenience store with vegan grab-and-go salads, juices, smoothies and snacks!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My two little ones, Jude, 3 and Sea, 10 months.

What can someone expect to find at the Bonberi Bodega?

We sell everything you would find at your corner bodega! Toothpaste, cleaning supplies, pantry items, prepared salads, grain bowls and cold-pressed juices and smoothies!

What is your go to meal when you get home from a busy day and need to feed your family?

A huge salad with olive oil, lemon and tamari (for me), chopped Persian cucumber (for the kids), brown rice penne with marinara sauce and finely chopped up greens, sprouted grain toast and avocado. We usually have a big batch of vegetable soup in the fridge and baked Japanese yam for Sea.

What is impactful advice you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

I wish I received advice when building my business but truthfully the beginning was bit of a lonely and scary process. My own advice for myself was feel the fear and do it anyway. You may not know how to do something but the only way to do it is learn, don’t be afraid to ask questions and be very open that this is your first time BLANK (applying for workers comp insurance, building payroll, applying for permits etc etc) and usually people will be happy to walk you through each step.

What do you love most about the “Emilie” denim coat from MW?

I love the cropped boxy silhouette. It reminds me of Jean Seberg in 1960s Paris and the indigo blue is the perfect counterpoint to all the super acid-washed ripped versions we’re seeing a lot of. It’s a chic breath of fresh air.

What is your favorite way to style the coat?

I literally have not been able to take it off! It’s so universal, I loved pairing it with this statement Simone Rocha skirt but also think it looks great with high-waisted trousers and Adidas Sambas.

What is your favorite secret NYC spot?

Well I can’t share my secret secret but I do love Fairfax on West 10th Street as an alternative “office” cause they have the yummiest veggie dishes to snack on and you can linger until it’s an appropriate time for wine.

Pay it forward and name another female entrepreneur who is inspiring to you!

Melissa Wood and Tara Foley of Follain are women I admire and am constantly inspired by!